Senior Vice President Mushtaq Hussain Khan


On behalf of the entire members and Staff, I would like to thank you for your interest in Gilgit Baltistan Chamber of Commerce.

My objective with all staff of the Gilgit Baltistan Chamber of Commerce is to enable you to make a successful investment in your business. As we provide an opportunity for you to showcase your products and services, network with potential new clients, and work for good public policy that insures good business development.
From new companies establishing their presence in Gilgit Baltistan to those that have been doing business in Gilgit Baltistan for generations, the Gilgit Baltistan Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to the success of the business community.
This cooperative and synergistic relationship between business and community makes Gilgit Baltistan thrive and flourish.

Mushtaq HussainKhan

Senior Vice President